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a file with two flat surfaces

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If Dead Tree helped to put Pierogi on the international map, the flat files keep it there.
Enabling end users to extract and combine data from databases, flat file systems, and enclosed within proprietary print stream formats (e.
Flat files can be sent to TransLink via FTP, translated to standard EDI formats and delivered to customers or suppliers.
The Stylus Studio XML Publisher product supports numerous heterogeneous data sources including relational databases; XML databases; Web services: EDI, EDIFACT, X12, CSV and other flat file formats; as well as XML and XML Schema documents.
BASIS WEBserver can also function as a standard Web server, serving flat files as well as BASISplus document databases, thereby allowing users to publish database documents and multimedia files stored outside the database.
Options for Handling Empty Flat File Values - Provides ability for developers to choose whether empty fields in flat files are rendered as empty elements or not rendered at all in the data results of the mapping target.
By offering a new metadata export path directly to the DDF metadata common to both CoSORT's SortCL data manipulation program and RowGen file synthesizer, MIMB users running major ETL, EII, BI and ERP tools -- as well as those with flat files defined in XML, Excel or COBOL Copybooks -- can automatically convert their pre-existing data descriptions for immediate use in SortCL (CoSORT) or RowGen applications.
IRI's high-performance file manipulation package, CoSORT, has been recognized for years as an ETL and BI engine because its SortCL program rapidly performs large scale data warehouse transforms and reports - integrating, staging, and presenting flat files from and to many formats.
Ingrian's new ETL Utility enables organizations to quickly and efficiently encrypt and decrypt large volumes of data in flat files, supporting a wide variety of delimited and fixed position file formats.
Altova MapForce, known for its advanced XML, database, flat file, and EDI data mapping capabilities, now includes powerful support for building Web services and generating code to implement them server-side, as well as other valuable features for working with complex flat files and integrating MapForce into custom applications.
Transformations of flat files - With support for data transformations, users can define the file structure of source flat files in a schema file when integrating XML, EDI, and text with applications, relational databases or message queues.
The tool routinely and automatically uploads service providers' invoices in formats such as EDI, CD-Rom, and other standard flat files.
E-mail content stored as flat files can easily be captured by corporate content management systems.
Altova MapForce 2005 provides an easy-to-use interface for mapping any combination of XML, EDI, flat file, and database data to XML, flat files, and/or databases.