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a file with two flat surfaces

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If Dead Tree helped to put Pierogi on the international map, the flat files keep it there.
To be a deep-woods saw doctor, your basic tool assortment should include a chain-repair tool, 4 min allen wrench, 5 mm allen wrench, flat file, 7/32 round file, 3/16 round file, 5/32 round file, 13-21 mm combination wrench-scrcwdriver, 19-21 mm combination wrench-screwdriver, bent-jaw needle-nose pliers; saw-chain repair parts, spare sparkplug, universal piston stop, carburetor screwdriver with built-in magnet, bar-groove cleaning tool, raker filing gauge, spare screw assortment; sparkplug gap gauge, spare starter rope.
A) from the documents scanned in step 1: - index documents in ged pivot formats or photo library or sharepoint or flat file servers, - prepare the injection in these tools; B) from documents present in the twenty or so lotus notes databases to be transformed: - extract the documents thanks to ocea, - quality files according to prescribed rules (ex: Unzipped files, In pdf format .
Idea's Industry Data Exchange 2, or IDX2, enables manufacturers, distributors and service providers to conduct partner-to-partner business document exchange on an Internet based network using EDI, XML, flat file or Web Form transaction sets.
The first product is an annual subscription to a daily end-of-day file that is accessible as a flat file from a FTP server over the Internet.
The Stylus Studio XML Publisher product supports numerous heterogeneous data sources including relational databases; XML databases; Web services: EDI, EDIFACT, X12, CSV and other flat file formats; as well as XML and XML Schema documents.
With the added support for flat file formats like EDI, CSV, binary, and more, DataDirect XQuery expands the role it plays in service-oriented data integration.