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a file with two flat surfaces

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If Dead Tree helped to put Pierogi on the international map, the flat files keep it there.
To be a deep-woods saw doctor, your basic tool assortment should include a chain-repair tool, 4 min allen wrench, 5 mm allen wrench, flat file, 7/32 round file, 3/16 round file, 5/32 round file, 13-21 mm combination wrench-scrcwdriver, 19-21 mm combination wrench-screwdriver, bent-jaw needle-nose pliers; saw-chain repair parts, spare sparkplug, universal piston stop, carburetor screwdriver with built-in magnet, bar-groove cleaning tool, raker filing gauge, spare screw assortment; sparkplug gap gauge, spare starter rope.
The Stylus Studio XML Publisher product supports numerous heterogeneous data sources including relational databases; XML databases; Web services: EDI, EDIFACT, X12, CSV and other flat file formats; as well as XML and XML Schema documents.
With the added support for flat file formats like EDI, CSV, binary, and more, DataDirect XQuery expands the role it plays in service-oriented data integration.
html) is a powerful data integration and Web services implementation tool that can convert between XML, database, flat file, and EDI formats and to map data to WSDL operations.
MITI's Meta Integration Model Bridge (MIMB) now includes metadata export bridges to the Data Definition Format (DDF) used in IRI's CoSORT and RowGen programs so data warehouse architects can more easily build and run flat file data transformation and synthesis jobs, respectively, in their existing ETL tool environments.