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(computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system

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Windows 9 is expected to have features including Cortana, windowed Metro-style apps to float in the desktop, virtual desktops, the new version of Internet explorer, new flat design on the whole OS and a lot more on Sept 30.
Plus, the bulb's flat design is quite unique--providing not only illumination but also requiring, according to a Philips press release, a far smaller heatsink than other LEDs.
The new design mimics iOS 7's flat design, which is a change from the skeuomorphic characteristics of earlier versions.
Minimalist interface, solid blocks of saturated color, creative typography, strong lines, no shadows, and few or no gradients characterize flat design.
With a flat design, no integral bearing, and a small scanning head, HEIDENHAIN's (Schaumburg, IL) new ERO 6000 angle encoder is applicable in metrology systems, compact rotary tables, and high-dynamic applications.
The grinder is described as a special tool with an extremely flat design that enhances the tool's overall operation and maneuver ability.
The hand shower with its elongated square and the head shower with its square flat design are the heart of the product line.
IDA Congress is dubbed the Olympics of the design field and the 2011 version will be a cross-line design exhibition, covering the fields of industrial design, flat design, and interior design.
Apart from the popular ex-stock flat design SMI also produces Swallow Tail split curtains and crumple zone concertina types.
With its quirky wing-inspired single, big, flat design of the desk?
The sleek, flat design of the Prodigy allows for the gloss to fit neatly and discretely into a pocket or small bag.
The design of the N700 is very sleek and sophisticated and when not in use it can be easily packed away due to the flat design.
The thin and flat design of Stylis is said to offer "ideal comfort and cosmetic appeal".
With its quirky wing-inspired single, big, flat design of the desk's surface, coupled with its clean lines the revolutionary design adds to the work experience without losing any functionality or style.
The Guardian Angel looks different from other sprays because it has more of a flat design, similar to a cell phone or pager, and features an integral clip so it can be fastened on a belt.