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part of the sirloin next to the wedge bone

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An affected bone may appear expanded, particularly when in short, tubular, or flat bones.
Group 1 involved enchondromas in short tubular bones only in hands and feet, group 2 involved only long tubular bones and flat bones (scapula and pelvis), and group 3 involved both short and long flat bones.
The disease can involve any bone, but most lesions occur in the flat bones of the skull, pelvis, spine, mandible, and ribs.
Histologic examination showed severe fibrino-suppurative and necrotizing tenosynovitis and osteoarthritis that involved the long bones and occasionally facial flat bones and joints with occasional localized vasculitis.
But the defendant contended that implantation of the screw device in spinal-fixation surgeries is an off-label use because the FDA had already approved the device for use in long and flat bones.
Of the bone products shown here, the most interesting is the pair of curved flat bones which look like small barrel staves.
Sternebrae were significantly less preserved than all other flat bones (vs ilium, ischium, pubis, scapula, manubrium).
Previous studies have emphasized a predominance of long bone involvement [3]; however, the most recently reported study of a large series with 131 patients with primary bone lymphoma showed that long bones and flat bones were equally affected [15].
The rare congenital condition occurs when two of the flat bones that make up the skull fuse together along their margins too early during fetal development, hindering brain growth.
Flat bones consist of two layers of compact bone with a zone of cancellous bone sandwiched between them.
1, 2) The tumour is mainly located in the long tubular bones of the lower extremity and the pelvis, less frequently in the vertebral column, upper extremity, and flat bones.