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Synonyms for flask

Synonyms for flask

the quantity a flask will hold


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Judy Yorke tries out six lunch flasks and boxes to see which really keep your food warm wherever you are
Helen of Troy said that Hydro Flask adds a fast growing brand that has built equity among outdoor and active lifestyle enthusiasts with a product lineup, innovation pipeline and margin profile that complements Helen of Troy's Housewares segment and extends its reach into the Outdoor and Athletic Specialty, Natural Foods and e-commerce channels.
As a result of this new innovation, lab technicians can measure cultures within the closed system of the single flask accurately, increasing efficiency as the need to create smaller testing samples can be eliminated.
said Friday it will recall 142,523 Chinese-made drinking flasks it handed out to customers in August as a sales promotion after it found the caps contain an amount of lead exceeding the legal limit.
My first encounter with the vacuum flask in adult life was when I found myself on a picket line in Bradford with my National Union of Journalist colleagues.
the blade remains sealed inside the leak-proof flask for later disposal.
His first question is related to the burning of bodies by radiation reflecting off a flask filled with water.
The cell monolayers were exposed to 100 [micro]L of diluted and filtered TSV extracts for 1 hour: the extracts were then removed from the flasks, 2 mL of maintenance medium was added to each flask, and the flasks were incubated in three separate rooms at 37[degrees]C, 35[degrees]C, and 33[degrees]C, respectively.
In order to make a cost-effective, truly disposable flask, Eastar was the resin of choice.
9 [pounds sterling] for a 17th century Mughal jade flask wrapped in a net of rubies and emeralds and set in gold.
EMPTYING THE FLASH: Retiring from The Flask, the popular wine and spirits retailer at 12194 Ventura Blvd.
Police in Warwickshire are appealing to the owner of the thermos flask which was left in a bank and prompted a security alert to come forward.
An increasing number of cars now come with can coolers linked to the vehicle's air conditioning system, but when it comes to hot drinks a flask is best.