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an unintended electric discharge (as over or around an insulator)

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Thus, the typical flashover scenario, wet film layer with an increased leakage current, dry band arcing, bridging of individual insulator sheds and finally the electrical flashover, is impossible.
The vital signs monitoring and flashover detection technologies sprung from the initial kernel of the idea for a first responder locator, Mr.
While acknowledging that "we have had damaged airplanes" due to Kapton flashovers, David Pielmeier, the Navy's top wiring engineer, said the service banned it in new planes because of concerns it would explode in combat, not in peacetime use.
Salt spray, industrial pollutants, and even desert sand, can lead to costly power interruptions due to arcing and flashover.
13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Drager announces that it will hold a free webinar titled, "Understanding Flashovers" to educate firefighters on the dangers associated with the flashover phenomenon.
The tower also contains a room for teaching how fires behave, in which firefighters can study such dangers as flashovers and back drafts.
Staff demonstrated how conditions such as flashovers and back drafts can result in terrifying fire balls.
This product greatly improved reliability at utility substations, which were prone to frequent and very damaging flashovers during short circuits.
In the 1970s, Dow Coming developed a room-temperature curing elastomer, designed for spray application to porcelain insulators to reduce insulator maintenance and resist flashovers, particularly in salt fog environments.
Cadet William Mott, aged 15, of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said: "We all had a go at extinguishing some fairly serious fires but the most spectacular part of the training came when we were able to view at close quarters, a demonstration of the consequences of flashovers and front and side backdrafts.
This helps reduce current leakage and flashovers, reduces maintenance, and extends service life.
A two-part epoxy material is used that is resistant to electrical arcs and will result in fewer extended outages from flashovers that would normally cause damage.
Changes in building techniques - such as the proliferation of double glazing - have increased the risk of fire getting out of control in the form of terrifying backdrafts and flashovers.
Educators why the ice surface flashover is well behaved compared to the conventional pollution flashover, making it much more suitable for demonstrations, modeling, and analysis