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an unintended electric discharge (as over or around an insulator)

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Real fire scenes inside the cabin after a crash were simulated, and these tests also confirmed the time to flashover [2-4].
Sprinklers are getting more attention in Congress and with regulators because testing by both Underwriters Laboratories and NIST find that today's home fires of reach flashover in less than four-minutes, or about 800 percent faster than in decades past.
Florian's Brewery Belgian Style Flashover IPA, “melds the richness of Belgian style ales with the hoppiness of the popular India Pale Ale (IPA),” said Aron Levin, COO/Brewmaster.
There is more fuel than air in a well-developed fire in a room after flashover.
The stages of fire development are growth, flashover, fully developed fire, and decay.
According to the criterion, for impulse voltage of any waveshape a flashover will occur only if particular value of area A is reached (Fig.
Thus, the typical flashover scenario, wet film layer with an increased leakage current, dry band arcing, bridging of individual insulator sheds and finally the electrical flashover, is impossible.
The behaviour of glass panels on adjacent upper interior and exterior panes in a flashover fire depend on the flame and smoke spread from the fire compartment.
It's the same line that was struck by a great blue heron, causing a flashover and one-hour outage on April 28.
The report notes that other incendiary indicators once thought to conclusively demonstrate an arson - pour patterns, flashover indications, "low burn" and "deep burn" patterns, "spalling", "crazed glass" and "burn intensity" - "are subject to numerous variables that require study and evaluation.
It usually will divert lightning away from objects that are completely contained within the zone of protection and protect them from a direct strike if they are not within the flashover region.
Sovoth He didn't open the door to the cupboard "-Fires need oxygen from air and if he had made the mistake of opening that door, which I think most people probably would, then he could have boosted the fire''s limited oxygen supply and severely aggravated the fire or even provoked a flashover.
The United States Fire Administration indicates that flashover can occur within nine minutes.
In addition to the two classrooms and annex, the training school also has outdoor facilities that include a flashover simulator, a two-story burn tower, a four-story training tower, a trench simulator, a confined space rescue simulator, a forcible entry simulator, flat roof and peak roof simulators, a vehicle fire and extrication area, a hazardous materials area, Rapid Intervention Team collapse simulator and an area for propane fires.
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