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an unintended electric discharge (as over or around an insulator)

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Florian's Brewery family celebrates their second anniversary with the official release of their Belgian Style Flashover IPA at their Tap Station in Windsor on Saturday, February 7th from 12-8 pm.
The stages of fire development are growth, flashover, fully developed fire, and decay.
Moist dirt, dust or salt deposits can impair the insulating capacity of such materials, due to electrical discharges or even so-called pollution flashovers.
2005; Chow and Hung 2006), a scenario with a flashover room fire occurred adjacent to the DSF is hazardous.
A video tape that featured three flashover scenarios was utilized to demonstrate the type of fire experiments conducted at NIST for which information is available.
The fire erupted when alkaline toilet fluid leaked onto damaged Kapton wires, causing a flashover fire that destroyed power cables to both aircraft generators.
In the room sans sprinklers, the blaze reaches flashover (during which all flammable items burst into flames) in less than six minutes.
Recent comments: "I have incorporated your flashover tape as part of our fire and disaster in-service training.
Flashover occurs when the room's temperature becomes so high that everything, including the firefighter, ignites simultaneously.
While the fire load of the fuel was not overwhelmingly large, the flammability meant that the rate of growth of the fire was almost explosive and led to almost instantaneous flashover.
Mattresses will be required to withstand 30 minutes of direct flame exposure without reaching flashover, the point at which the mattress is engulfed in flames.
This flashover lasted for only a few seconds before the captain directed a hose stream of water on to the fire.
When you have a fire that has gone past insipient stage to flashover or free-burning, it could make a difference," said Bentonville Fire Chief Dan White.
improved flashover resistance in highly polluted areas;
The report notes that other incendiary indicators once thought to conclusively demonstrate an arson - pour patterns, flashover indications, "low burn" and "deep burn" patterns, "spalling", "crazed glass" and "burn intensity" - "are subject to numerous variables that require study and evaluation.