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a small dry battery containing dry cells

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Adjusting for two central factors, inflation and the large percentage of the African population with no disposable cash at all, a rough estimate of the potential flashlight battery market in urban and rural Africa amounts to US$800-billion in 2005, or approximately 1.
The device is powered by something similar to a flashlight battery, Morris said.
The new battery uses sulfur and aluminum to store charge, more than doubling the discharge time of a typical D-cell flashlight battery, says Stuart Licht, a chemist at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.
Zinc Matrix Power develops a polymer-based rechargeable alkaline battery technology similar to common flashlight battery chemistry.
Introduced to the energy storage and power delivery component market in March 2004, the flashlight battery sized, 2.
For example, a car battery has lead/lead-oxide electrodes and a liquid electrolyte consisting of dilute sulfuric acid, while an ordinary flashlight battery has zinc and carbon electrodes in a solid electrolyte largely made up of manganese dioxide grains.
Zinc Matrix Power develops a polymer-based rechargeable alkaline battery technology that is very similar to common flashlight battery chemistry, but, has demonstrated about two times the energy to volume of today's lithium-based laptop batteries in lab tests.
Third, and most important to Enable(TM) management, the design provides the benefits of a portable fuel cell in a very simple, safe package as approachable to the average consumer as a flashlight battery.
Kordesch has been perfecting fuel cells since such time, has been granted over 80 patents on the fuel cell and its components and is credited with the invention of the Alkaline Primary Battery Cell now sold for flashlight batteries by Eveready, Energizer, Duracell and Rayovac as well as a rechargeable flashlight battery sold by Eveready.