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a small portable battery-powered electric lamp

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June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ZeroHour Innovations announced today the official launch of ZeroHour, a tactical-grade flashlight integrated with a USB Battery Backup that can charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices.
UNTIL NOW, THERE HAS BEEN NO CONSISTENCY IN HOW FLASHLIGHT FEATURES AND BENEFITS WERE PRESENTED; consumers might see a flashlight that claims light output of "3,000,000 candlepower" next to one that claims "40 lumens.
com LEDLB EXP-LED-FX2 Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight is designed to provide a convenient and easy to use source of intrinsically safe light in hazardous locations where protection against fire and explosions is mandatory.
Every customer who walks into a dealer's store represents a flashlight sale.
That stock number will bring 3-volt lithium batteries made by other manufacturers that can be used in flashlights.
Make the room as dark as possible and turn on the flashlight.
The union, while trying to protect its members by having the department supply equipment to the officers, not only overlooked the flashlight but also potentially stood in the way of the sergeants' supervising for safety.
FLASHLIGHT, the highly successful iPhone[R] app from developer i4software[R], is launching a new app sale on wholesale marketplace appbackr.
com), the world's first counterveillance security software company, has issued a consumer protection advisory that consumers should delete their flashlight apps immediately.
For years, pak-lite flashlights have been used by the U.
When checking for the bubble, use a flashlight to help you see.
A prototype device called the Radar Flashlight, developed at the Atlanta-based Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), can detect a human's presence through doors and walls up to 8 inches thick.
They would supplement existing flashlight systems, and be carried in pouches on the belt for deputies to snap on when performing building searches, night manhunts or other relevant tasks.
is debuting its new InfiniStar CR[TM] rechargeable LED flashlight, the world's first completely upgradeable flashlight, at the 2012 National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) SHOT Show in Las Vegas, January 17 through January 20, 2012.
Smart, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI)(FWB:DAI), has launched its second-generation fortwo with a limited-edition model called flashlight edition at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.