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I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em," said Thornton, whose hustle and grit worked where the Bruins' flashiness didn't.
The customer-reader gets tired of the insincerity of the speaker/narrator and begins not so much to doubt him as to be bored with his flashiness.
In five years, that sense of knockabout fun has been knocked out by a computer-generated flashiness and aspirations to be something much bigger.
Yes, its lines are attractive and pleasing but it doesn't possess the flashiness of say a Maserati Quattroporte, which for many owners who want an uncluttered private life, will be a blessing.
Powell, in particular, for all his trademark flashiness, dogged it out in the engine room He played a major part in the Blues defensive effort for the last 20 minutes, when Quins lay siege to the Blues line but failed to come away with a try.
In the region's expanding tourism there has been an increase in hotels that seek to serve a conservative clientele with ambience and cuisine conforming to Islamic beliefs such as not serving alcohol, provisions for prayer areas, doing away with flashiness of entertainment, and employing modestly-dressed staff.
While Loueke's and bassist James Genus's use of loops to give themselves multiple voices was impressive, I am not sure that its musical interest outweighed its flashiness.
Santos' confidence often is misunderstood for arrogance, and his flair often is mistaken for flashiness.
On its Rounder Records debut, "Cold Wind," the group interprets traditional bluegrass without a hint of irony or flashiness in a style that's reminiscent of the Del McCoury Band.
Ranging from fur-coated pouches to elaborately contoured clear plastic shells and discreet black neoprene holders, iPhone cases offer your choice of protection, flashiness, or anonymity -- whatever's best-suited to your personal needs.
The only flashiness coming from the Ohio pair's blues playing and Auerbach's razor-sharp vocals on Next Girl, Gold on the Ceiling, Your Touch and Little Black Submarines.
As a driver who enjoyed 106,000 miles of happy motoring over 10 years in a Rover Metro, I value reliability and efficiency over flashiness.