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Synonyms for flashily

in a meretricious manner

in a fancy colorful manner

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How bad could a musical be that offers up such flashily enjoyable renditions of "Material Girl", "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "I Will Survive"?
In the Royal Lodge he was flashily impressive, but yesterday he left you with the indelible feeling that he could return in six months' time and outclass the best these islands can offer in the Guineas.
In Washington Square Park human shapes emerge from a blue background like mirages; in Interlocking Figures and Spatial Figures they seem about to dissolve into a white background, creating a somewhat more flashily atmospheric effect.
Garnier must have expected readers to hear these implications all the more strongly, because the language of ruin that he deploys in Marc Antoine and Cornelie is almost flashily indebted to Joachim du Bellay's well-known sonnet sequence on Rome's fall, the Antiquitez de Rome (1558).
39) In literature and film they were still often portrayed negatively in terms of appearance and behavior, most usually shown as corpulent, cigar-smoking, gold-ring wearing, check-suited, loud-voiced, balding and flashily flamboyant.
When not labouring the tortuously unlikely romance between Kate and Norbit, the film spends its time either churning out repetitive fat jokes and fart gags or parading an assortment of tired ethnic stereotypes that include a couple of jive talking flashily dressed pimps.
In the end, of course, "The State Within" is more concerned with lapel-grabbing drama than with policy wonkishness (hence, the sex scenes); its flashily chaotic editing and camerawork underscore its loyalty to genre histrionics.
This flashily dressed Irishman may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying he's lovable, witty, and white-hot.
It's a great cast - Sam Neill (below) is also on hand as a corrupt cop - which deserves much better than this flashily empty comic strip caper.