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a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph

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8220;The company was founded in March 2013 and after almost exactly one year of development we've learned a lot, not only about flashguns but also about business, the industry and about what photographers want and need.
Although, the Naxals managed to flee, security forces recovered a 9mm pistol, three live cartridges, six detonators, five gelatin sticks, two circuits, four battery chargers, one camera flashgun, one can bomb and a China-made binocular from the scene of encounter.
But on November 16 last year, the couple posed in the glare of photographers' flashguns in St James's Palace to announce their engagement following a proposal during a holiday in Africa.
His models were friends and, as he says, "sort of led the way" as he played around with combinations of flashguns to achieve the desired effect.
Madelin's orbis on the other hand is completely portable, weighs just 650 grams, plugs straight into most modern cameras, works with standard flashguns and produces a very similar effect, at a fraction of the cost.
No: I could have happily put up with the media hype and the endlessly popping flashguns - if only the music had been performed with more grace, style and sensitivity.
Flashguns popped and hundreds of fans screamed as the Beatle VI Ps arrived at the The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas.
When I unclenched myhand as I was being sworn in, all I could hear was cameras and flashguns going off.
On Champions League nights, under the glare of a thousand flashguns, Old Trafford really does live up to its billing as the 'theatre of dreams'.
Amid a blizzard of flashguns they posed for their first pictures together in 25 years.
Many powerful electronic flashguns produce sufficient ultraviolet illumination for this process.
That brief moment when the flashguns pop is the climax of weeks of planning for a stylist-to-the-stars like Martine Alexander.
As their name implies, compact system cameras (CSC) are smaller and lighter than traditional SLRs, but they share the attributes of interchangeable lenses, flashguns and other system accessories.
They're playing the Masque Loft on Thursday with Dinosaur Pile-Up, Flashguns and Funeral Suits.