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a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph

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Unafraid of a big chorus, it's clear they're developing an ambitious Flashguns sound.
So far this year Flashguns have supported the hugely tipped Mona and next month they will be playing at Intro festival in Middlesbrough.
Once our bread supply had expired, the swan family web-footed it down to the next apartment where a child's squeals of delight and flashguns going off signalled another feathered hit.
Supporting Dananananaykroyd at the venue tonight are new Island Records signings KID ADRIFT who play dubstep/post-rock/pop hybrid and the wonderful FLASHGUNS, who have been getting lots of Radio 1 attention courtesy of Zane Lowe and have just been confirmed for this year''s Evolution Festival.
CLWB I for Bach in Cardiff is host to Theoretical Girl tomorrow night (tickets pounds 6) while Clash magazine brings a triple bill to town on Monday with new bands The Answering Machine, Casio Kids and Flashguns on offer (pounds 7.
And as she relaxed back at her hotel away from the crowds, the fuss and the ranks of flashguns she must have been pretty pleased with her first try as a journalist as well.
Camera flashguns illuminated the surroundings and shoppers gazed longingly at the glitz and glamour on display at Moda Mall as De Beers Diamond Jewellers unveiled its first luxurious boutique in the kingdom.
No: I could have happily put up with the media hype and the endlessly popping flashguns - if only the music had been performed with more grace, style and sensitivity.
Flashguns popped and hundreds of fans screamed as the Beatle VI Ps arrived at the The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas.
ST's latest White LED driver has been designed to effectively control power-hungry White LEDs in color display backlights and embedded camera flashguns.
When I unclenched myhand as I was being sworn in, all I could hear was cameras and flashguns going off.
On Champions League nights, under the glare of a thousand flashguns, Old Trafford really does live up to its billing as the 'theatre of dreams'.
Amid a blizzard of flashguns they posed for their first pictures together in 25 years.
Many powerful electronic flashguns produce sufficient ultraviolet illumination for this process.
That brief moment when the flashguns pop is the climax of weeks of planning for a stylist-to-the-stars like Martine Alexander.