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a sudden local flood of great volume and short duration

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At least 41 houses in Valencia City were also damaged by the flashflood.
He said flashflood occurred all of a sudden and took the people by surprise.
The project will consist of two basic components: One is restoration of the natural position of the Wadi as a canal for flowing rain water, flashflood and route of water reaching the Wadi from various parts of the city, and the second one is to make its natural environment free from pollution.
In Laguna, military and police rescue boats worked to save people who were trapped on rooftops by a flashflood.
Meet King Kong, take the Back to the Future ride, see where Norman Bates kept his mother in Psycho, experience an earthquake and a flashflood or follow E.
More than 240,000 people are expected to benefit directly in the five haor districts of Netrakona, Habiganj, Brahmanbaria, Kishoreganj and Sunamganj, while approximately three million farmers will also benefit from agro-meteorological and flashflood forecast systems which will help them pro-actively plan and manage their crops.
About 600 cattle including goats, sheep and cows were washed away by flashflood torrents coming from mountains in different areas of the district including Sapata, Las Bandai, Lawara and others," officials said.
He appealed to dwellers of those localities vulnerable to flashflood to immediately leave their homes and move to safer places for avoiding further destruction both in terms of human and material losses.
The study details ways to prevent dangers of flashflood from the districts, located east of Al Haramain Expressway, whose poor drainage system was mainly responsible for turning November 25's flashflood into a catastrophe.
As many as 213 houses in Kedarnath had suffered damage in last year's flashflood.
However Loralai area has been affected in flashflood.
A flashflood near the municipality of Chongqing, also in the country's southwest, two weeks ago swept away a group of 35 hikers.
At least 5,000 people died in Ormoc City, also on Leyte, in November 1991 when a flashflood, remembered as one of the worst in Philippine history, hit the coastal city.
November Sumatra, Indonesia 239 people are killed in a flashflood while 182 are drowned in the Congo when a storm capsizes a ferry.
Kashmir alone has not suffered immensely in the flashflood, the Hurriyat leader said.