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Synonyms for flasher

someone with a compulsive desire to expose the genitals

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an electrical device that automatically turns a lamp on and off (as for an advertising display)

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a light that flashes on and off


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All flashers are designed to attract fish by representing other fish feeding.
A wide variety of objects and materials can be used: CDs, silver spoons, trolling flashers (used by salmon anglers in the Northwest), plastic skirts, hookless lures and even the relic of the '70s--the disco ball--are commonly used.
The three men removed from the list were Stuart Thomson, 24, of Glasgow, who groped a woman in a taxi queue; Robert Young, 27, of Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, who kissed a 15-year-old girl on a train; and flasher James Heatherall, 23, of Loanhead, Midlothian.
A flasher exposed himself to a 15-year-old and her mum as they walked along Ingleborough Road, Rock Ferry, around 3pm on January 2.
The minute and a half film which will air at screenings during the Festival's 12-day run in April and May, depicts what one may argue is a not-so-unusual New York encounter: two women come across a flasher as they walk in a park.
Crank up the gain on these "satellite" units to show a stronger signal when fish are on the outer perimeter of the transducer cone, and eliminate interference by adjusting the Interference Rejection mode on one of the flashers.
Recent orders for the company's products by Florida agencies include solar LED flashers and crosswalks for the City of Pinellas Park; 48 solar LED flashers to FDOT for Tampa-area highways; four R247C solar flashing beacons and six R820 crosswalks to Walt Disney World; eight R820 crosswalks to FDOT; and 12 R820 crosswalks for Orlando area.
One of the flashers has gingery blonde hair and a reddish complexion, and another was bald with a big nose.
STUDENTS at a Scots university are being plagued by a serial flasher.
In the past a man has been attacked while walking along the path, and flashers have been spotted.
POLICE fear a serial flasher in Rugby could commit more serious offences if he is not caught soon.
Copeland says that he wouldn't be surprised if the synchrony in Elkmont guarantees a nice, dark moment for roving males to get their bearings on the faint answering wink of a female, without the interference of some other hotshots showing off their flashers.
An Essex police spokeswoman said: "This isn't the first time flashers have been seen there.
The System Manager task involves the successful oversight of the Contractors deployment or integration of the following groups of ITS device subsystems: Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Surveillance Systems (CCTV) Cameras, Microwave Vehicle Detection Systems (MVDS), Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) flashers, and all required communications devices and facilities necessary to link those ITS field devices to the MDOT ITS communications network.
Flashers can also be made to order by some sources.