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Synonyms for flasher

someone with a compulsive desire to expose the genitals

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an electrical device that automatically turns a lamp on and off (as for an advertising display)

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a light that flashes on and off


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Table 44: World Historic Review for Motorcycle Flasher Lamps by Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales in Thousand Units for the Years 2004 through 2009 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-126
This technique works great when all signs emanate from the bench and the two flashers are clearly visible to the players.
Michael, a well-known horseracing personality in Newmarket, bred Flasher Mac out of his own bitch, More Heat.
Automotive Flasher Designs: Based on Technology Employed II-37
The flasher had blonde hair, and was wearing black trousers, shoes and jacket.
So did the older woman and both of them gave a good description of the flasher.
Criminal psychologist Ian Stephen, who advised on TV drama Cracker, said he believed the flasher was likely to target streets known to him and within reach of his home
Mall manager Mark (Bakkedahl) calls in Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) to catch the flasher, who quickly undermines Ronnie's misplaced authority.
Feb 2006 Flasher Thomas Brown, 43, WHERE, given banned him from talking to every woman in Britain.
CUSTOMERS at a Tyneside hairdressers were stunned when a flasher walked in.
Meanwhile, women in Honley have been warned after a dog walker was targeted by a flasher in Honley woods.
Eight days later, a 15-year-old girl was confronted by a flasher in his 20s, who exposed himself after asking his victim the time as she walked home from school in Bidston Village.
The flasher is useful not only for drifts over historically productive stretches of water, but also for strategic deployment.
The flasher struck on Friday at Victoria Park, Stafford, between 8-8.
A FLASHER in a Merseyside park was today being hunted by police.