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a card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher

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Caption: An example of Flashcard functionality ([C] Surys).
The comparison condition consisted of instruction using two strategies: flashcard vocabulary instruction and auditory-only vocabulary instruction.
Audience: The audience is anyone old enough to use the required devices to create or benefit from studying flashcards.
The DI flashcard procedure has been employed in conjunction with a "racetrack" procedure to teach basic skills (Beveridge, Weber, Derby, & McLaughlin, 2005; Falk, Band, & McLaughlin, 2003; Hyde, McLaughlin, & Everson, 2009; Kaufman et at, 2011; McLaughlin et al.
IF WE WANT CHILDREN TO memorize the capital of each state or the presidents of the United States, then 3x5 flashcards, at $0.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of reading racetracks and flashcards for teaching and response maintenance of sight words.
LearnLift has launched a new release of MemoryLifter, a popular flashcard freeware.
Comparison of retention rates using traditional, Drill Sandwich, and Incremental Rehearsal flashcard methods.
At Richfield Health Center, families are asked to help develop flashcard books to communicate about a dozen common phrases and commands.
is back with a new flashcard game that its creators say will adapt better to online newspapers.
If, like me, you nodded during Creole 101, you'll probably find this flashcard of use: "creolized language n.
Ariston will also distribute PhotoGenetics with its Universal Serial Bus (USB) iRead(TM) Flashcard Reader/Writer and iSee(TM) Web cameras sold through its Web site and worldwide network of distributors and resellers.