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a card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher

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Students can also easily make additional flashcards of their own and access flashcards their instructor has shared with the class.
Featuring an intuitive dashboard, one click character recognition, flashcards, a learner's library, and character stroke animation; WCC Dictionary now offers a complete suite of tools to help students, backpackers, and business travelers maximize their Chinese.
They walked in the streets of New York while they covered half of their faces with a medium-sized flashcards.
Silbert, Carnine, and Stein (1981) suggested the Direct Instruction (DI) flashcard procedure as a systematic way to teach basic math facts to students.
The flashcards are a brilliant tool designed to scaffold discussion, planning and training either at whole-school or departmental level.
Not only is there no evidence that iPad flashcard apps are more effective than 3x5 flashcards, but we didn't find even one empirical study that explored this question.
Yet Nancy Dreyfus, a psychotherapist and couples therapist with more than two decades of experience in helping clients navigate the difficult passages in their relationships, discovered the power of flashcards during a particularly volatile counseling session.
Students can really benefit from testing themselves as they study by using something as simple as flashcards.
What really sets MemoryLifter apart from similar programs on the market, is its science based approach and its ability to incorporate multimedia elements," said Rainer Aberer, LearnLift Manager, "and the new version of MemoryLifter makes it very easy to create and handle flashcards with images, audio or even videos.
One flashcard says, You'll never amount to anything.
The Kno Flashcard technology automatically converts any key term from within a textbook into an interactive flashcard so that students can test their understanding of terms.
Users who want to undertake this will require a compatible DS flashcard, in order to carry out the instructions described on the GBATemp thread.
The EF app for kids updates the oldest studying tool, the flashcard, with rich 3D content and game mechanics to engage young learners through the magical experience of the iPad.
The Web site allows teachers and students to create electronic flashcard decks on any subject, download them to their phones and share them with students in their classes or study groups.
Open Window Software's WinFlash Educator continues to improve upon its Windows-based flashcard learning system --a two-time winner of the SIA's Best Educational Program award.