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a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph

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Flashbulbs popped and were discarded on the stone floor as journalists fired their questions.
Just ask the wonderful deputation of German fans who illuminated the drizzling sky with thousands of flashbulbs.
New observations challenge the theory that astronomers had constructed for the origin of many of these cosmic flashbulbs.
Each of them was thin to the point of emaciation, but thin is IN and the popping flashbulbs proved it.
But it's Jordan and she makes sure when on the red carpet that the flashbulbs are flashing in her direction
Then we kissed, and flashbulbs went off everywhere.
Johnson basked in the limelight amidst flashbulbs and a steady stream of broadcast crews who fixed their cameras on the Dean of American architecture from all points of the compass.
Fit models work behind the scenes, off the runways, away from the glare of the public and flashbulbs of the paparazzi.
Amid fireworks, circling helicopters and thousands of flashbulbs from lower Manhattan and New Jersey, I stood on the deck of the QM2 with my wife, Gayle, and our daughter, Emma.
Practically, this means that most items will never see the light of archivists' flashbulbs.
While the flashbulbs of the world's press will be bursting over the sleekest new models from Toyota, Mazda, Honda and their rivals, we will be examining more closely what it all means for the broader Japanese economy--and especially for the massive car-manufacturing industry that once almost singlehandedly created Japan's "economic miracle.
Then, in a move that brought the house down, she ran down the stairs and planted a kiss on his cheek as flashbulbs popped.
But Courtney braved the flashbulbs at the Love Rocks concert held in honour of U2 vocalist Bono.
P's, camera in hand, arriving to discover that this was indeed the leader of the ex-gay movement who was suddenly trying to find a hiding place and dodge Besen's flashbulbs, and was soon beating a hasty retreat from the bar.
Flashbulbs flash, administrators administer pats on the back, local dignitaries speak in glowing terms about the facility--it's an auspicious occasion.