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a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph

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Brewer (1986) compared flashbulb memories and personal memories, concluding that they are not two separate forms of memory, for most personal memories would score high on flashbulb characteristics.
On the other hand, the involvement of a special memory mechanism in the formation of flashbulb memories has been much debated in the field.
First we examine the collective nature of flashbulb memories which, although a requirement for most flashbulb memory studies, has been largely overlooked.
Neisser and Harsch provide the first contribution to the book with a graphic account of their own investigations and of their findings that flashbulb memories can be quite mistaken.
However, a healthy proportion of flashbulb memories related to World War II have stayed intact for more than half a century in Danes, say Dorthe Berntsen and Dorthe K.
Everything was going great until the flashbulb startled the beast and it tried to head butt me.
ON the red carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards at Hollywood's Kodak Theater last Saturday night, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton drew little attention compared to the flashbulb frenzy that would greet honorees Charlize Theron, the cast of ``Will & Grace'' and presenter Jessica Alba.
In further studies, the researchers exposed single-walled carbon nanotubes to flashbulb light in inert atmospheres and in a vacuum.
The thing I like about Billy's pictures is that even though they're done in ink and pastel, they look like they're lit with a flashbulb, and they probably are.
Researcher Rebecca Todd said: "It's like the flash of a flashbulb that illuminates an event as it's captured for memory.
Instead, Flashbulb Dave's a moth drawn to a light when he sees a TV camera.
Bob Lieberman, of Intelligent Optical Systems, said: "It's like someone shooting a flashbulb in your face every few seconds.
28 Nature how to determine the speed of moving objects using broadband, incoherent illumination--like that from a flashbulb or a strobe light.
These findings contrast with evidence that although people place great confidence in vivid recollections of thoughts, feelings, and activities at the time of learning of a startling event, these socalled flashbulb memories prove highly inaccurate (SN: 3/13/93, p.
Dr Wynn said yesterday: "People remember it so clearly because something like a flashbulb has gone off in their memory.