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boarding place along the top of a dam to increase its height

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The redesigned Flashboards product offers a new graphical user interface and features to help customers improve operations.
We added flashboards to the crest of the spillway in the mid-fifties," Tabak explained.
Because we had a little extra money in the budget at the end of the project, we opted for the crank-controlled gate rather than flashboards that we'd have to remove by hand.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-15 January 2003-Remedy ships Flashboards 5.
Remedy, Remedy Corporation, the Action Request System, AR System, ARWeb, Flashboards and Remedy-Powered are all registered trademarks or other trademarks of Remedy Corporation, Mountain View.
The town removed all flashboards from the Bartlett Pond dam and the pond has been significantly drained, according to the town administrator's report.
The 150-year-old Brownsville Dam was a 5-foot high concrete structure supported by an additional six-foot high wall of flashboards that were installed each summer to back water up into a three-mile long mill race through the town.
headquarters offers demonstrations of Remedy's solutions for help desk and consolidated operations management, the AR System, and its companion products, Flashboards, ARWeb Change Management, and Asset Management.
Fease added flashboards to the dam, which raised the water level, still without a permit - from which he claims exemption.
And we have from time to time some fairly large expenses in replacing the flashboards and providing riprap - large boulders - beneath the dam to prevent erosion.
Remedy, the Remedy logo, Flashboards, and Action Request System are trademarks of Remedy Corporation.