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boarding place along the top of a dam to increase its height

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FlashBoard drives multiple displays, each with a "unique" combination of data, clocks and timers, on-air and cue lights, and production details.
Properly The cover The flashboard Cavity geometry [?
We added flashboards to the crest of the spillway in the mid-fifties," Tabak explained.
Temporary storage of water can be achieved through the use of simple structures, such as subsurface control drainage structures (Zucker 1998), flashboard risers to block drainage ditches (USDA 1999), furrow diking (Sanabria 1999), flow restricted culverts under roads that separate or transect fields and berms, and field borders to retain or restrict the flow of runoff and flood waters (North Carolina State University 1997).
New features and major enhancements for the service desk include a full service level management module, advanced agent management, and workflow features, an automated, customizable flashboard for a single, comprehensive view of multiple support metrics, advanced database maintenance capabilities, enhanced performance to manage large ticket volumes, cross-project searching and reporting, and expanded project templates for multiple business applications.
0 includes advanced workflow capabilities, new graphical reporting, an administrator flashboard, expanded knowledge management, an integrated calendar and scheduler, expanded escalation functions, and enhanced e-support that integrates real-time, web-based remote control and chat tools.
The new Administrator Flashboard gives service desk managers an up-to-the-minute graphical display of help desk and project activity.
o Order Management -- Remedy's Flashboard product, integrated with the Internet, provides a direct link with customers and suppliers to make order processing faster and more efficient, and enables companies to track orders more easily.
During the second quarter, Remedy shipped two previously announced new products, Flashboard and AR Web.
Integral to its diversification strategy, Remedy also announced two new products during the quarter, its Flashboard product used in conjunction with the AR System to analyze the historical performance of a support or business process, and ARWeb, a product to enable Internet browsers to be clients of the Action Request System.
The regional director said that in addition to the water being sent down the Swift River through the lower spillway controlled by flashboards, 300 million gallons per day was being diverted through the aqueduct to Wachusett Reservoir.
0 include role-based consoles, Remedy Flashboards integrations and support for Corrective Action Requests to help identification and correction of service.
The new version of AR System offers a new version of Flashboards, a real-time visual management tool; new application performance statistics; and new SNMP monitoring capabilities.
Since 1985, the dam flashboards have been removed for much of the year to improve passage of juvenile and adult winter-run chinook salmon.
For infrastructure fans like this reviewer, Nature Incorporated will be a tremendously exciting book, full of news about such things as flashboards and fishladders and water company organization.