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Antonyms for flashback

a transition (in literary or theatrical works or films) to an earlier event or scene that interrupts the normal chronological development of the story

an unexpected but vivid recurrence of a past experience (especially a recurrence of the effects of an hallucinogenic drug taken much earlier)

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Developed by Atari, the Atari Flashback 2 is scheduled to ship in August for under $30 at retailers nationwide.
At his worst, his flashbacks would last up to two hours.
Whether educating an audience, annotating a webcast, creating a tutorial, demonstrating a product, or making a screencast for friends or your social network, BB FlashBack 4 now comes with a number of new tools that simplify the creative workflow to help movie makers deliver engaging content - faster and easier than ever before.
Following the moves by Apple, there have been reports that the number of systems infected with Flashback malware has dropped to 140,000, or even as low as 30,000.
Flashback stands out in that it represents one of the largest-scale invasions of Apple computers, which are gaining ground on Windows PCs.
Barona Resort and Casino, a US-based hotel and casino company, has announced Flashback Fridays.
Murder plots, conspiracy and global meltdown are a lot to handle--but if you've ever read Simmons before, you know that he's adept at constructing immense, complicated frameworks, and Flashback is no exception.
WITT flashback arrestors for use with ethylene, provide reliable protection of single cylinders, outlet points (hoses and any equipment) or pipelines against dangerous gas back feeding and flashbacks meeting BAM and TUV certification.
A wider variety of psyehotraumatic symptoms, including flashbacks, avoidance, or hyperarousal, in the prior month.
Subjects confronted with at least one traumatic event who had experienced flashback symptoms.
Chapters instruct how to watch movies with a writer's eye for what works and what doesn't, blending believable character traits into scenes and plots, using goals to reveal character motivation, judiciously applying foreshadowing and flashback, the power of the suspense of disbelief and how to encourage it, smooth plotting, and much more.
Because there's no premixer, flashback can't occur.
Flashback by Gilian Rubinstein is a thrilling epic of a young man whose travels unintentionally lead the two into the world of filmmaking and mystery where good cannot be differed from evil, bringing the reader frantically through Flashback, searching for clues as the tale twists and turns leading to an unanticipated end.
Since we have to manually extract the aft cap, there's the additional worry about unburnt propellant and gasses causing flashback in the turret.