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(used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value

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However, despite the potential for fresh and flash-frozen baby food to offer nutritional superiority and homemade appeal, veterans of the industry are skeptical of the trend's staying power.
Biologists have long used diamond blades, known as microtomes, to section flash-frozen cells into thin slices in preparation for microscopic scrutiny.
Call it the "conceptualization of the gesture"--a notion that might serve as a prism through which to understand, say, the spontaneous yet flash-frozen liquid-glass paintings and, perhaps, Koether's overarching organizing strategy.
High-quality Scottish farm-raised fresh salmon from the Shetland Islands is always among our top 10 seafood sellers,'' notes Ted Bassetti, Sherman-Oaks based assistant regional seafood coordinator for Whole Foods Market, adding that the market also carries wild Pacific salmon in season and flash-frozen Pacific salmon.
It can be used as a hard shim or pre-coated with a thin, pre-catalyzed film and flash-frozen, shipped in dry ice for later application.
In the time since the formation, Despistado have been honing their hometown-infused brand of flash-frozen frantic, danceable, up-beat punk across Canada's boundless tundra.
Cool for You is a collage of impressions and vignettes, character sketches and flash-frozen memories.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Dippin' Dots, LLC, a newly-formed company based in Oklahoma City and funded by private capital, has finalized its acquisition of Dippin' Dots, Inc, the Kentucky-based manufacturer of the popular flash-frozen ice cream.
This recipe for T-Bone Steaks with Dad's Steak Rub features grain-fed cuts from Omaha Steaks, aged to perfection and flash-frozen to capture freshness and flavor.
Customers can choose their base, any of the trillions of flavor and mix-in combinations, then watch as their creation is flash-frozen right before their eyes.
Its signature create-your-own yogurt/fruit blends ate made from a combination of low-fat, non-fat of no-sugar-added frozen yogurt and any of 16 varieties of flash-frozen fresh fruit, mixed in the company's proprietary machines while customers watch.
Kateman's new process could blast air into the cream as it was flash-frozen, so ice cream could be made on the spot.
It allows whole claws and tail to be extracted and immediately vacuum packed and flash-frozen to lock in that 'fresh-caught' taste and texture.