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Synonyms for flash-freeze

freeze rapidly so as to preserve the natural juices and flavors


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15 ( ANI ): Angelina Jolie reportedly arranged for Brad Pitt's favourite Indian restaurant in Surrey to cook and flash-freeze dishes for her to fly to him, at the couple's Los Angeles home.
Similar to the laboratory technique, the commercial cryopelletizer uses liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze the product suspension, but rather than dropping or spraying the suspension into a pool of liquid nitrogen, it's metered into a liquid nitrogen stream.
The new facility will feature new production equipment, an automated flash-freeze hardening chamber, and storage rooms for ingredients.
Nitrogen ice cream is made by using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze the cream base.
A Polar fleece outerwear with a sweater and shirt underneath - Wet weather gear, boots and all fishing tackle should be provided by the charter company - Confirm service will clean, vacuum pack and flash-freeze your fish