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Antonyms for flash-forward

a transition (in literary or theatrical works or films) to a later event or scene that interrupts the normal chronological development of the story


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She's released with the help of her German boyfriend (Diehl) and we flash-forward to their wedding anniversary.
Flash-forward seven years, and we have Rollyson quoting the poet Edward Field for unsubstantiated gossip about Ms.
Flash-forward 10 years and the now-teen boys are still solid buddies.
A flash-forward device that advances the story to Sunny's meeting with his bitter wife (Daryl Hannah) and daughter proves more distracting than enlightening.
What Johnson's flash-forward does is shift readers' attention from the action of the narrative to the actions of his characters - from a cinematic emphasis on story, in other words, to a moral emphasis on deeds and consequences.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7PM PREPARE for super soap week, as in the Dales we flash-forward to a funeral.
The book begins with a flash-forward of Albert and Lily's sister, Olivia, trying to find Lily, who has run away.
THE season finale of Five's sci-fi drama Flash-Forward was gripping from start to finish as FBI special agent Mark Benford - superbly played by Joseph Fiennes - battled to stop another blackout.
Flash-Forward (9pm) New drama following the work of FBI agent Mark Benford after the world's population suffers a simultaneous blackout.
Flash-forward to September 11 and October 7, the start of the warfare era.
They were doing phenomenal work then, and if you flash-forward to the present, the amount of research and development that goes into their products is still amazing.
Bad points: It's a shame the tension is reduced by a flash-forward at the start, which shows he survived several brushes with death.
A show source says: "Kylie plays Epponnee in a flash-forward fantasy scene to her wedding day.
Deutsch slows the speed down and zooms in on a passerby, fading the image into footage of a man in a World War I uniform in a poignant flash-forward of a life beyond the anonymity of the original film.
Flash-forward to the late 1970s, where we encounter Raymond Pettibon, the Southern California artist whose brother Gregory Ginn was lead guitarist of the punk band Black Flag.