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a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph

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The big jump," he predicts, "will be the use of diode light sources instead of flash lamps.
The mobile segment covers the use of LEDs in LCD and keyboard backlighting, indicator lights, and flash lamps.
There are eight flash lamps placed in a unique design inside the continuous feed printer.
In this process, the wafers were ramped up to an intermediate temperature followed by using flash lamps to heat the device side of the wafer to the peak anneal temperature of 1300[deg]C.
Famous photographic equipment companies such as Huachang and Huayi (manufacturers of photographic background equipment), Shanghai Jinbei (manufacturer of middle and high-class studio flash lamps and studio equipment), Tongli ("craftsmen" who specialize in digital professional lighting equipment), and Shanghai Sophia (manufacturer of a series of color- film processing equipment) will also bring their own products to the exhibition.
It creates an image using high-intensity flash lamps and a uniquely designed toner instead of conventional heat and pressure rollers.
This new generation of camera phones with Xenon flash lamps has several key advantages over current phones.
The flash lamps traditionally used for laser excitation are replaced by laser diodes.