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a card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher

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Users can quiz themselves on a wide range of IT certifications, including CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, CISSP, VMWare, and are able to enter their own answers, grade answers, create custom flash card sets, and view/email score reports to assess strengths and weaknesses.
With the release of their Flash Cards series for Kindle, Digi Ronin Games sets itself apart as an early leader in educational application development.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Today Pearson announced the release of its new browser-based electronic flash card engine, www.
Netlist's Industrial Grade SD Flash Card is designed for mission-critical applications requiring the highest levels in data integrity including networking equipment, medical appliances, GPS systems, and data recorders.
0 Reader for UDMA-Enabled CompactFlash([R]) and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC(TM)) Flash Cards
Now a junior at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine, Gardner has put that experience to use by creating PC Flash Cards (http://www.
New Lexar Flash Cards Provide Increased Capacity for Storing Digital Images, Video, and Music
ISSI's storage media hub Flash card reader controller, the IC1100B, complies with the USB1.
The leaders in the flash card market are constantly pushing the requirements for highly parallel, high performance test.
The compact flash card or removable hard drive make data retrieval simple, which adds to their appeal," stated Safety Vision National Sales Manager, Law Enforcement Video Solutions Duane Rumski.
The attractive EDGE Dock & Multi Flash Card Reader is made for the iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod photo, and the original iPod.
a leading memory and high-capacity flash card manufacturer, today announced that its flash card products are now available at Best Buy, the nation's largest volume specialty retailer of consumer electronics.
Data write performance of digital SLR cameras as well as other high performance cameras will not be limited by the flash card interface.
Ideal for power users of handheld PCs and digital camera products, the higher capacity ATA Flash card means more memory for applications and data storage at affordable pricing.
Since the company was formed, Lexar has introduced a lengthy list of breakthrough products including high-speed and high-capacity memory cards and USB flash drives, and workflow-improving flash card readers.