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a card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher

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com are presented a pair of six flash cards to shortlist whether their profiles fits the available job openings at the portal.
According to Gartner Dataquest(1), the worldwide flash card market is expected to reach more than 450 million units by 2008.
IC1230's embedded Flash feature is especially important to our Flash card reader controller selection to ensure current and future compatibility of different Flash cards throughout the life of our products," Dr.
Gartner analysts say the flash card market is promising because the outlook for future applications is strong.
According to the company, the new Flash Card is designed for use in PDAs, PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, corporate information network terminals and business mobile devices.
based SiliconTech say reaching high capacity storage in a CompactFlash card will allow future cards to potentially include features inside the flash card.
Users can quiz themselves on a wide range of IT certifications, including CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, CISSP, VMWare, and are able to enter their own answers, grade answers, create custom flash card sets, and view/email score reports to assess strengths and weaknesses.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Today Pearson announced the release of its new browser-based electronic flash card engine, www.
0 Reader for UDMA-Enabled CompactFlash([R]) and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC(TM)) Flash Cards
Within these two product lines, an ideal SDHC flash card now exists for consumers needing varying price and performance specifications.
a leading supplier of automated test equipment for a variety of memory technologies, announced that a leading flash card company has selected the M550 test system for testing flash memory cards.
Data is retrievable by removing the compact flash card or hard drive, or using wireless technology.
an industry leading manufacturer of flash media storage products, announced that its SD Trio(TM) Professional Plus flash card product was recently selected as the winner of the Innovations 2007 Designs and Engineering Award in the Computer Accessories category.
an industry leading manufacturer of flash media storage products, announced the release of the SD Trio(TM) Professional Plus flash card, the world's most consumer friendly flash storage product allowing for full high speed compatibility with all three SecureDigital formats (microSD, miniSD, and SD) and USB in a single package.
Data write performance of digital SLR cameras as well as other high performance cameras will not be limited by the flash card interface.