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This limited edition and renamed "Jack" Holga color flash camera comes with red and clear color flash gels, a set of three custom filters, a fisheye lens, a "The World through a Plastic Lens" photo book, one 120 film roll, two "AA" batteries, an editorial poster, and multilingual instruction manual.
Anyone can watch a mother brooding an egg and snap a picture with a flash camera or a mobile phone.
Miller's cousin, Morty Miller and his wife, were the witnesses and there was not a solitary pressman or flash camera in sight.
A recent Brooks Eckerd circular, for instance, offered a private label disposable flash camera at $7.
The Opus Accident Pack includes a disposable flash camera, incident report form, pen and prepaid envelope for film developing to enable drivers to record accurate details of accidents, so helping to cut down the rising number of fraudulent claims.
The 14 to 16- year olds were given lessons in photography and handed a disposable flash camera to document their perceptions of the city.
The new QuickSnap Smart Flash camera, for example, features a newly developed dual-flash system that allows the camera to handle low-light situations by capturing full detail in the background while properly exposing the foreground.
The regional prize is two free children's meals at the restaurant and a Kodak Fun Flash camera.
He was an inventor who revolutionized the way pictures were taken by developing the first cartridge-load, auto-focus, electronic flash camera.
This 35mm manual flash camera is easy to use and load, and normally costs pounds 14.
The loyal girlie then started whooping, cheering, laughing loudly at the funny bits and even took some pictures with a flash camera.
Two similarly dressed white women stood at the door and started taking pictures with a flash camera, which caused an outburst of shouts.
A color, auto-focus flash camera that could be used to enhance proof-of-delivery and to help speed customer claims.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of White Flash Camera Traps
2 GHz processor, Gesture-enabled features, 5MP AF LED flash camera and 21 languages support.