flash bulb

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a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph

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Four fences out Flash Bulb jumped slightly ahead, but was soon joined by Flyingbolt, who forged ahead to win in a canter.
The flash bulbs were flashing for something not usually seen on a runway - bonnie, make-up free, round faced little babies.
Camera flash bulbs kept popping non- stop as spectators inside the arena sought to capture the mood for posterity.
In front of 250 accredited media, flash bulbs and camera lenses followed Mourinho's every move as he was officially unveiled as Chelsea's new manager.
When we first met the Empire Insurance Group it was located in a building just north of Lincoln Center on Broadway at 66th Street--the same building that housed the original Penthouse magazine and provided staffers with a constant runway of entering and leaving models with flash bulbs (remember those?
One might not normally associate flamboyant New York fashion week with the less glamorous world of real estate, but as flash bulbs and a red carpet were rolled out for the MNS Fashion Night Out event last night, the pairing of the two megabucks industries did not seem so strange.
He seemed unprepared for the attention he was getting from well-wishers, probing journalists, popping flash bulbs and television cameras.
Christina Hendricks always gets the flash bulbs popping on the red carpet, but at this year's Golden Globes, she really shone.
I approved of the tradition so was cross when one was suddenly plonked on the top of my head before the flash bulbs started popping - as you could see in the expression on my face in the photo, which never made it on to my parents' mantelpiece.
She was met with a frenzy of flash bulbs and next day's newspapers included the headline: "Daring Di sets fashion as she takes the plunge".
The pair have been cuddling up to each other at premieres, clinging onto each other and whispering sweet nothings while the flash bulbs pop around them.
Whenever players and managers take questions during interviews in the media room, I remember the brief moment I stood behind that podium, trying to imagine flash bulbs popping and reporters shouting questions.
Trafalgar Square was lit up by an array of flash bulbs as part of a demonstration to express rising tensions against police use of terror laws to stop photographers taking pictures.
Even if the flash bulbs light up and the cameras roll to record the moment when an agreement of reconciliation is signed between rivals, there still are doubts about the intents of each side even while the participants are always imploring God to make this agreement or accord durable.
hush past the burst of flash bulbs, their metallic clothing humming as