flash bulb

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a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph

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I found envelopes full of pictures of late-night car crash scenes harshly lit by flash bulbs.
Then at the ninth Montgomerie complained to an official when a spectator's flash bulb went off as he again prepared to putt.
As I foretold, however, he did not have a very easy race, which is entirely his own fault, as he was pulling Pat Taaffe out of the saddle till he was given his head three fences out, where he went to the front to win by 15 lengths from Flash Bulb.
We get the camera imagery (every now and again a flash bulb goes off), but what precisely are we supposed to be seeing snapshots of?
It also provides a glueless interface to the 8051 microcontroller, SDRAM, flash bulb, Smart Media (NAND flash memory), video encoder and built-in USB interface support for off-the-shelf CCD and CMOS sensors.
On the fourth minute of the seventh hour Sunday, a flash bulb will capture the faces of a century and the future of the millennium in America.
Flyingbolt had a reasonable excuse, as he had won the Two-Mile Champion Chase the previous day with Haine on the distant runner-up, Flash Bulb.
Accept gratefully, but do remember to take the film and flash bulb, because he won't have them and will slip out to make the purchases just as you have lost the first five children, someone is being sick and someone else is announcing they have a serious nut allergy.
Uma's top isn't transparent until you lean forward and put your breasts near a flash bulb.
The tiny Scots presenter, below, who has a reputation for stripping at the hint of a flash bulb, looks over-dressed compared to some of these other lovelies.
He described how the grenades were made from pet food cans, steel tubes, a flash bulb and a packet of digestive biscuits.
The flash bulbs were flashing for something not usually seen on a runway - bonnie, make-up free, round faced little babies.
Camera flash bulbs kept popping non- stop as spectators inside the arena sought to capture the mood for posterity.
Now the pictures we see, are carefully curated especially for their moment in front of the flash bulbs.