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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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Chartwell's Java and Flash based software products and games are designed for deployment in gaming, entertainment, advertising and promotional applications.
is a leading provider of embedded security solutions for mobile devices and flash based storage.
Under the terms of the agreement Chartwell will provide its leading edge suite of flash based in-browser Casino and Soft Games across a variety of Ukbetting's online gaming sites.
with its leading edge non-download flash based online gaming system.
A NOR Flash based combination, part number RRNU6412864,
Other members of this CPCI single slot 6U family include models offering high capacity non-RAID hard disk configurations, and flash based fixed and removable media for high durability and reliability applications.
V) a leading developer of Java and Flash based online gaming software announces that on June 4th 2001 the Nevada Senate approved Bill AB466 to become the first State in North America to move towards the regulation of online gaming.
com offers a Flash intro Movie to introduce players to their new site and offer State-of-the-Art Macromedia Flash based games eliminating the need for players to download.