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(computer science) coded instructions that are stored permanently in read-only memory

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The virus can overwrite the hard disk and the flash BIOS of an infected computer when it activates on April 26 -- causing complete loss of data, and possibly rendering the computer unusable.
Maximizing user convenience, the flash BIOS and drivers are upgradable through the Internet and MSI's own bulletin board system.
The BSP supports the VSBC-8 Flash BIOS with OEM enhancements, a CPU temperature monitor interrupt, I/O options and other functions.
It can erase the data on the hard drive and corrupts the Flash BIOS thus rendering the PC unusable.
Giuseppe Crisenza, Vice President of the Memory Products Group at ST, said: "ST's Low Pin Count family adds to the Firmware Hub family, providing a complete Flash BIOS solution targeting all segments of BIOS applications, in line with market demands to rely on fewer broad range, non-volatile memory solution suppliers.
The PEL-PCI-OEM is a two-layer non-BIOS controller board and the PEL-PCI-FAST SCSI is a four-layer board that features Flash BIOS.
The system is equipped with Intel's Pentium(R) III or Celeron processors, Award PnP Flash BIOS, SDRAM up to 256MB, M-System DiskOnChip flash disk support up to 144MB, and an XGA chipset, C&T69000 with built-in 4MB DRAM.
The board includes: multilingual BIOS for worldwide use, flash BIOS for easy upgrade, three DIMM sockets for up to 3 GB of PC133 SDRAM, 4-channel sound for excellent audio, built in LAN chip for networking, one CNR slot, one AGP 4X slot, six PCI slots and four USB ports for easy device expansion.
On April 26th, the virus damages the computers by writing garbage instructions to the FLASH BIOS if the motherboard and chip sets are compatible with the virus.
The first attempt is to destroy the flash BIOS ROM by reprogramming it with garbage.