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Synonyms for flare-up

the visible signs of combustion

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

Synonyms for flare-up

a sudden intense happening

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Chambers wraps up with the three things he tells his patients about asthma: how their inhalers work, how to recognize a flare-up and to have a step up plan worked out in advance with your doctor, and when to seek help in Urgent Care or the ER.
They are particularly beneficial for people with a persistent cough with lots of thick phlegm or who have frequent or bad flare-ups.
In 2010, political violence in Karachi was dominated by flare-ups in August after an MQM lawmaker was shot dead and in October on the eve of the election for his successor.
TRIM excess fat from meats to make cleanup easier and reduce the chance of flare-ups.
Despite initiatives by governments across the globe, analysts at the EIU believe that any new shocks will still lead to temporary flare-ups, but should not lead to a further worsening of financial conditions.
The US military said it was deploying four C-130 aircraft with firefighting capabilities to the Channel Islands Air National Guard station in Ventura County, north west of Los Angeles, to help with any flare-ups.
Why is it that setbacks, relapses, or flare-ups in those with the disease of addiction are responded to in such different ways?
Fire crews continued to battle flare-ups west of Eugene as warm weather and gusty winds continued on Sunday.
Disease flare-ups were reported as occurring at least once in the previous year by 75 per cent of young respondents and 24 per cent suffered more than four flare-ups in the last year.
According to company officials, the product, which joins Skin Rescue Cream, cleanses and moisturizes the skin without added parabens, sulfates or other ingredients that may dry skin, cause irritation or aggravate flare-ups.
With the dust comes a pernicious form of the aspergillus fungus to which the flare-ups among children can be timed.
During flare-ups it can sometimes develop into small water blisters on the hands and feet.
People usually recover within a month, but some later experience flare-ups of severe pain.
This is why until recently CRP has been used mainly as a diagnostic marker of acute inflammatory flare-ups.
They are merely sunset effects, Marshall McLuhan's apt term for the final flare-ups that mark the passing of an age with caricatured exaggerations of its now irrelevant characteristics.