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Synonyms for flare-up

the visible signs of combustion

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

Synonyms for flare-up

a sudden intense happening

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She added: "If you've noticed flare-ups with certain foods, it could be an indicator that it's causing breakouts - but it's best to see a dermatologist before cutting anything specific out of your diet.
She will promise Jack that she isn't going to drink, and the only true concern is her flare-ups.
However, a high level of vigilance and response capacity must be maintained to ensure the ability of the countries to prevent Ebola infections and to rapidly detect and respond to flare-ups in the future.
But we also expect the potential and frequency of those flare-ups to decrease over time.
WHO stresses ongoing risk of flare-ups due to the re-emergence of the virus throughout 2016 due to persistence of the virus in the survivor population," a spokesman said.
This can have an impact on overall health, as 36% of boomers don't exercise regularly due to occasional joint flare-ups.
The purpose of this study was to analyze the incidence of post-obturation flare-ups in teeth following single visit versus multiple visits in Root Canal Treatment.
Because airways can be inflamed even in between flare-ups, long-term control medicines might be needed to prevent unexpected asthma flare-ups.
The advanced spot treatment is engineered to help provide targeted relief for flare-ups of flushing and blotches.
If your skin is prone to flare-ups, it might just become as vital to your morning regime as, well, milk on your cornflakes.
8220;Not like I had much of a choice, but over the years, I got used to inhalers and steroids for flare-ups,” says Chambers.
I'll definitely try this again during future flare-ups.
A Tel Aviv University researcher found asthmatics deficient in vitamin D were 25 percent more likely to have had one or more recent flare-ups.
Tranylcypromine, marketed since the 1960s as Parnate, Inhibited initial herpes infection in animal tests, reduced flare-ups in previously infected animals and rendered them less infectious to others, researchers report in the Dec.
Inhaled steroids are the best medicine to use to prevent wheezing flare-ups (called "exacerbations"--that's when kids with asthma have symptoms like coughing, wheezing, chest pain, and shortness of breath.