flare up

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  • verb

Synonyms for flare up

ignite quickly and suddenly, especially after having died down

erupt or intensify suddenly

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10,11 Whereas Incidence of flare up higher in single visit over multi-visit root canal treatment.
Speaking at a virology conference in London, Jim Scudamore warned that despite the recent allclear following the world's largest ever outbreak, the disease could easily flare up again.
The 24 listed stars are all considered "normal," like our sun, except they may flare up vigorously perhaps every 100 or 1,000 years.
22,23 On the other hand, the studies of Mata, Frust and Morse the overall incidence of flare up was really high.
Washington, May 19 ( ANI ): Researchers have said that a statin drug commonly used to lower cholesterol is not effective in reducing the number and severity of flare ups from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).