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a red dwarf star in which luminosity can change several magnitudes in a few minutes

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The archetypal flare star, UV Cet, was discovered in 1948 September.
TOTESPORT CHESTER CUP, sponsors bet: 9-2 Galient, Grafton Street, 9-1 Admiral, 12-1 Greenwich Meantime, 14-1 Afrad, Fair Along, Som Tala, Under The Rainbow, Whispering Death, 16-1 Flare Star, Odiham, Winged D'Argent, 20-1 bar.
FLARE STAR is an unexposed filly who takes a step up in class having won a maiden at Sligo whilst both ABSOLUTE IMAGE and TAQSEEM, who ran well in the McDonogh Handicap, are another couple to consider.
If Proxima indeed orbits Alpha - and therefore probably arose from the same stellar nursery at the same time -- then researchers will have to reconsider certain important theoretical issues, Matthews and Gilmore say, Proxima is a flare star, given to periodic and dramatic surface brightenings.
Their subsequent investigations showed that rather than being a flare star, V1212 Tau is a dwarf nova of the SU UMa family.