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a movable airfoil that is part of an aircraft wing

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1] This is a fairly good technique; however, primary closure may be difficult after elevation of large flaps to cover extensive defects.
Furla Like comes in two versions: the threetoned Oasi Double calfskin version combines gray, white and black while the second has a black base with a flap in leopard print fur.
Airbus selected Strata to manufacture the A350-900 inboard flap in 2015.
The authors believe that most cranial bone flaps will not need more than a three point fixation.
For balance data acquisition runs, with the roof flaps closed, the roof flaps are taped shut.
Use of grafts and flaps has expanded the ability to perform challenging reconstructive surgery, and improved health outcomes and quality of life for patients with trauma, burns, and cancer (Morris, 2016).
Advancement flaps with curved peri-alar incision was first described by Diffenbach in 1845 to enable the bilateral cheek flaps to be drawn together.
From the use of full thickness skin grafts to penile skin flaps various tissues have been used for the purpose.
Reconstruction was performed upon this extensive lesion using a combination of two well-established and effective flaps for reconstructing the lower lip: the Karapandzic and Bernard--Burrow--Webster flap.
Nasolabial flaps leave facial scars and at times are hair bearing but are used very successfully especially in old age patients with lax skin.
Two days postoperatively, all of the flaps were viable and well vascularised, except for venous congestion in the soleus flap (Figure 1 b and c).
The pre- and postauricular skin flaps are designed to be equal in length or slightly greater than the length from lobule base to tip (figure 1, A).
In the previous reports, the three layers were fabricated using different tissues from different flaps, which made the procedure complex and time-consuming.
The FLAP ASYM light is brought on by an asymmetrical condition of the flaps.