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Organic dairy maker Yeo Valley is expanding its range of big yoghurt pots with a rhubarb flavour as well as an Apple Flapjack limited edition.
Nutrichef Flapjack bars contain no trans fats, salt, wheat or dairy and no artificial colours or flavours.
A recent survey by Fruitdrop fruit delivery company has revealed that a shocking 34% of those surveyed consider sugary flapjacks or cereal bars to be their preferred 'healthy snack'.
88 for box of 12) and Oats& Whey Flapjack Bars (from PS19.
OPTIMUM Nutrition has introduced two new high-protein snacks to its performance nutrition range; Complete Protein and Oats & Whey Flapjack Bars, designed to give gym-bunnies an instant protein boost.
And this recipe, the Bakewell flapjack, is delicious.
In two bites of a mini flapjack, this is over too soon.
WITH the Bake Off now complete and me still at the stage of a first year home economics student, I completed my baking regime with a hearty round of flapjack.
The "Flying Pancake," "Flying Flapjack," "Flying Saucer" and "Zimmerman's Skimmer" were all names to describe the aircraft designed by Charles H.
SAINT: Chocolate, The Handmade Flapjack Company, 392 calories / 90g
The company must wait until the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London in September to find out whether its blackcurrant flapjack is the competition's supreme champion.
By ironically distilling the revenge-fantasy subtexts of the blaxploitation cycle while exploding those films' flimsy narrative conventions, James created a Buchananite's nightmare populated by murderous voodoo mammies, roller-skate posses called "Aunt Jemima's Flapjack Ninja Killers from Hell," and "ill-tempered young Negroes.