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a cotton fabric imitating flannel

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Of course, for anybody even vaguely literate in contemporary art, Dammn's gridlike series of rapidly turned-out canvases cannot help but recall Gerhard Richter's endgame abstractions, and Redford barely bothers to inhabit or make real to the spectator his fictional alter ego--what, for example, is an empty bottle of Moet champagne doing on Dammn's bedside table, juxtaposed with, the Kurt Cobain--style flannelette shirt?
Among the textiles, blue baft and red flannelette were particularly popular.
During the war we made shirts for the army and the air force, we also made flannelette shirts.
Grandma Opal hugged her at bedtime, when they both put on their flannelette nighties.
At least my arms were all creamy white flesh then, graceful in their way, young miniature white whales, but now, when I take off my cardigan to raise up my arms for my flannelette nightie to float down upon my body, they have lost all their plump and pleasing firmness.
After the war, the mill was used to manufacture flannelette.
He buys some sexy underwear for his gymslip lover and some flannelette pyjamas for his girlfriend Fiz, wraps them up in the same paper but mixes them up
But when Rosie walks in holding Fiz's flannelette pyjamas, it becomes clear that it's Sally's daughter who has been seeing John.
99, flannelette fitted sheets for the cot, pounds 10.
80) Later, in the early twentieth century, flannelette was produced in great quantities at the Cork Spinning & Weaving Co.
A picture emerges in the mind of a hapless fellow cowering on the ropes in flannelette pyjamas and a green nightcap, steam rising from his brow, as he is pummelled by squadrons of angry germs.
Donning their most respectable and sensible outback attire--akubras, moleskins, flannelette shirts, sky-high wigs .
Right away he rose, threw on a red and black flannelette bathrobe, a yarmalka of the same cloth, slung a truss over his shoulder like a bandolier, and padded taut-legged and barefoot to the bathroom.
I remember all too well the excuses I invented to avoid wearing plimsolls, a gym skirt and flannelette t-shirt.