flannel bush

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any of several handsome evergreen shrubs of California and northern Mexico having downy lobed leaves and showy yellow flowers

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Flannel bush is especially fond of sandy soil such as your own and quickly dies when planted in clay or poorly drained soil.
The downside of the flannel bush is its flannel, an eminently inhalable fluff that covers its leaves.
HIGHLIGHTS: Ceanothus, dudleya, flannel bush, Pacific Coast iris.
On a sunny property edge, slope or little-used stretch of ground, California natives such as the arboreal ceanothus - which grows wild in canyons and foothills throughout the Valley and begins blooming in blue and white this time of year - and flannel bush (Fremontodendron), which has yellow-orange flowers in spring, are recommended.
I was especially impressed with the attention paid to the propagation of California natives such as flannel bush (Fremontodendron) and California lilac (Ceanothus).
Others, such as wild lilac and flannel bush, are not likely to tolerate extra water - especially in summer.
Payne sent California native plant seeds to gardeners around the globe, giving an international reputation to the flannel bush, the California lilac and, of course, the California poppy.
If you're a botany buff, you'll probably be surprised to see flannel bush (Fremontodendron californicum) here.
Yellow-flowered flannel bush (Fremontodendron californicum) is trained as a small tree (shown below).
Expect to find monkey flowers, flannel bush, red buds, purple sage, oregon grapes, speciosum, Mexican sage, radishes and sunflowers in mid-April.
Photo: Blue and gold: 3-inch yellow flowers of flannel bush (above and at rear, right) are a sparkling backdrop for blue "Concha' wild lilac (foreground).
The flannel bush (Fremontodendron californicum) is pictured on the cover of the ``Western Garden Book'' with its yellow/orange flowers clear for all to see.