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a projection used for strength or for attaching to another object


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Like the ASG, the 2-10-0 was designed to haul heavy loads over 'light, impoverished, or imperfect track', and it had many modifications including flangeless centre coupled wheels to aid in negotiating tight curves.
Pipeline rehabilitation and life extending specialist, Swagelining Limited, has completed the first ever flangeless polymer lining project to be carried out in the Middle East.
6" outside diameter to meet ADA requirements while withstanding an 800-pound load in any direction for California's OSPHD compliance; we had a design aesthetic that called for a clean, flangeless connection to the wall.
Availability in single or double bushing lengths with either flangeless, round, square or compact mini-flanged styles.
Flangeless fittings consist of a robust, glass-filled polypropylene Omni-Lok fitting nut and an Omni-Lok ferrule constructed from PTFE, PEEK or Tefzel with a stainless steel lock ring.
The 133 model is available in flange, rectangular, square or flangeless mountings, in single, double or triple stages.
took second place for its flangeless, lined piping system for the chemical process industries.
New products include EPDM caps and plugs, silicone tubing (ideal for masking longer studs and pins), die-cut shapes, pull-tab discs, silicone flangeless plugs, polyethylene film (great for masking large surface areas), masking bags (ideal for awkward shapes with an elastic opening) and magnetic masking film (available as die-cut shapes or on a reel).
Mooney Control's latest flangeless top-entry regulator--designed to replace regulators with non-standard face to face dimensions--employs the company's proven Flowgrid[R] regulator components and performance.
Possessing both high thermal conductivity and a non-toxic chemical nature, MN is commercially available in a wide range of package types (flanged, flangeless and arrays) for a number of different high thermal demand applications, including the housing of high power RF transistors.
As described previously, buffer reservoirs consisted of flangeless HPLC fittings that were threaded over the access holes (35).
The open, flangeless design of the shelves also improves inventory accessibility, saving wasted motion and time in orderpicking.
5 GHz / 44% at 6 GHz; 28V at 200 mA, withstands 10:1 VSWR, EAR99 flangeless package.