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open pastry filled with fruit or custard

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My daughter Karen, who was also on Tiswas, was splatting people with flans and so was my granddaughter Beth.
Flan makes a fine dessert: light, creamy and not too sweet, with a pleasant hit of burnt sugar.
Some years later, a job offer brought me back to the Midlands but without a place to stay; Flan invited me to stay with his family - Sandy, Alex and Gran - for a few months whilst I moved my family back from London - true friendship.
Mexican Flan Ingredients: 350g of good quality cream cheese; one carton of condensed milk; six eggs; 180 ml milk; 190g sugar; one vanilla pod Method: In a kitchen blender, add the eggs and milk and blitz on a high speed.
The 125g flan container is made of PS and the container closed with an aluminium seal.
Cut each slice diagonally and place into a 25cm flan dish, pressing slices evenly to cover the sides and base of the flan.
It's serious business and nothing like the strolls that some of you may be fond of, particularly when there is a row over who has provided the best flan.
supermarkets are stocking their shelves with food such items as tortillas and flan.
NOTES: Flan mix is found in supermarkets near gelatin dessert mixes.
Randall Flan of Milwaukee, WI, has received a United States patent for a new liquid-dispensing device designed to be worn on the head.
To compensate for this, allow the pastry to creep over the edge of the flan ring when you build the pastry case that will house your zesty filling
Learn, for example, how to make flan from Spain, quiche from France, baked plantains from Ghana, and sauerbraten from Germany.
Eat fruit instead of fatty desserts such as flan, ice cream, or cakes.
Murder, rape, blasphemy, and suicide are only a few of the apocalyptic delights offered up on nearly every page of Flan, Stephen Tunney's violent and grotesque first novel.
To complete the meal, Internet users will also find Tyler's suggested side dishes such as Creamy Horseradish Mashed Potatoes and dessert recipes like Pumpkin Flan to accompany each main course.