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Synonyms for flammable

Synonyms for flammable

easily ignited


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Labour's proposed shake-up is revealed by Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner who writes exclusively in today's Sunday People Mrs Rayner says: "We will put money aside to make sure schools are safe - to remove asbestos and flammable cladding and fit topdrawer sprinklers.
Leakage of flammable clean refrigerants from AC units in those small boxes can cause problems when the mixing ratio of flammable gases with air inside the box exceeds the lower explosion limit.
This study presents an experimental investigation of flammable and traditional SNCR additives by combustion of furniture production waste in the temperature range of 1000-1200[degrees]C.
The Kooltherm panels are highly rated for stopping the spread of fire but are still classified as flammable.
Ms Reynolds said: "I am very concerned that student accommodation may have been clad in flammable substances.
An urgent review found three Premier Inn hotels did not appear to comply with guidance, but the cladding did appear to be less flammable than that used at Grenfell Tower.
Safety codes could be revised to allow the use of slightly flammable refrigerants.
Biffy Clyro, right, will film a ground-breaking virtual reality experience in partnership with Samsung for new track Flammable
CONCOA's new series of products are designed to enable safe handling of flammable gases in laboratories and analytical applications.
A bar in Paphos, owned by a 50-year-old businessman, was torched at dawn, while another establishment owned by the same man was doused in a flammable liquid but not set alight later in the day, police said on Tuesday.
Summary: Top official says 10-20% of all buildings in the UAE have flammable cladding
A WOMAN claims she got blistering burns after her oven glove caught fire - then noticed its label said it was flammable material.
During the event a bull is tied to a pylon and flammable balls attached to the bull's horns are set on fire before the animal released.
The premise for the proposed rule issued by the DOT's Federal Railroad Administration is that crude oil from the Bakken region in North Dakota tends to be more volatile and flammable than other crude oils.
Guidelines for Determining the Probability of Ignition of a Released Flammable Mass