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the quality of being easily ignited and burning rapidly

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Brown (1981), "Flame Retardance as a Criterion in Textile Product Evaluation: A Conjoint Analysis Approach," Journal of Consumer Product Flammability, 8:221-234.
All bedding items containing filling material must meet certain flammability standards to be sold in the U.
The 8088N product is a black 88 durometer A TPE for automotive applications, having just passed FMVSS302 specifications for flammability.
in response to an industry need for a material that could meet demanding flammability specs, particularly for lighting and electrical applications," says Gerald DiBattista, market segment leader, IT, Electrical/Electronics Polycarbonates, Bayer MaterialScience LLC.
Precision Flame Protection is compliant with federal regulations set in advance of The Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) new national open flame standard for mattress flammability and fire-resistant upholstered furniture, set to take effect in 2007.
while in Europe, which only recently adopted comparable TV flammability standards, the incidence of TV fires has been over 100 times as great.
Last fall, for example, Sealy opened a research-and-development center at its headquarters specifically to conduct its own flammability tests.
I want the standards for upholstered furniture and mattress flammability to move forward as quickly as possible.
Jeffrey Gilman, an expert on nanocomposites and flame resistance in polymers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, believes clay alone won't reduce flammability enough to allow for complete substitution for PBDEs; adding more clay does not yield a corresponding decrease in flammability, he says, and can yield a very rigid, concrete-like polymer.
We monitored (Java and Jazz) for flammability and then aired it out.
68 percent by weight--effectively reduces the flammability of the electrolyte without breaking down performance.
There also are many factors to consider with carrier selection, including: compatibility of carrier with sand binder and/or refractory; method of drying; flammability and "burning" characteristics; toxicity and odor; application; labor; and floor space.
It includes information on regulations and standards of flame resistance and flammability testing, as well as an analysis of key applications for flame resistant fabrics in firefighter apparel, industrial workwear, military clothing, motor racing apparel and police uniforms.
Natural-FR can be used to meet material flammability criteria in industrial rubber products, and has passed the flammability requirements for floor composites and flexible rubber-metal units as specified in the new EU standard EN45545-2 (2013).
US Consumer Product Safety Commission: "Smolder Ignition Bench-Scale Testing 'Did Not Demonstrate an Adequate Prediction of Real Furniture Flammability Performance'.