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a weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards

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The Marine Corps did not concur with the Army's decision to halt development of main armament flamethrower tanks in 1948.
Ready in minutes, Lamb Weston brand Flamethrower Fries are perfect for quick-service operations, casual dining restaurants, colleges and universities, B&I feeders, theme parks, concessionaires and more.
Indeed, during the advance across north-western Europe, they had to request support from British Crocodile flamethrower tanks to reduce German fortifications.
A number of methods were used to produce flamethrower tanks.
I'll be one of many people in a white tracksuit with a flamethrower.
The need to develop a flamethrower tank came in 1942.
8 ( ANI ): The North Korean regime has reportedly executed an official using a flamethrower.
Nine months before the fatal fire he thought "it was funny to terrorise teenage girls" by waving around a makeshift flamethrower at a house party, the court was told.
They will later be provided with a new Metro weapon, hand-pumped Flamethrower.
Gerard then fires a flamethrower while still carrying the child.
The volume includes numerous photographs in both color and black and white, technical drawings, and reproductions of training materials and a CD-ROM containing technical specification of flamethrower models is included.
It seemed like a good idea to then torch the underwear of our female housemate in the back garden using an impromptu flamethrower fashioned from an aerosol can.
We have been given images of a marine shooting a flamethrower at an octopus with Tojo's head and of "Mr.
George Payne, from George Payne Butchers picked up the accolade after impressing celebrity judges Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee with his Flamethrower Sausage.