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the failure of a jet engine caused by an interruption of the fuel supply or by faulty combustion

a complete or conspicuous failure

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It's a high-tech product that, unlike many services of dot-coin flameouts, actually fills a consumer need.
As the list of flameouts grows -- from WorldCom's Bernie Ebbers to Dynegy's Chuck Watson to Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski--the same journalists who placed these CEOs on the pedestal of shareholder value now take pleasure in chronicling their falls.
He says so himself, repeatedly, in his book F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-Com Flameouts.
The fireballing right-hander, Hendry said, would undergo season-ending, arthroscopic shoulder surgery on Wednesday morning in Cincinnati, marking the third trip to the disabled list this year for a player whose once-promising career has been more a testament to flameouts than to strikeouts.
Unlike many high-profile dot com flameouts, TelecomCareers.
Unlike the problems of, say, simple incompetence or bad character (which typically either are there or are not), alcoholic misconduct and serious mental disturbance tend to come and go, with plenty of ambiguous behavior, spectacular flameouts followed by vows to reform, more backsliding, and imaginative rationalization through second, third, and fourth chances.