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the failure of a jet engine caused by an interruption of the fuel supply or by faulty combustion

a complete or conspicuous failure

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Las Vegas, site of Britney Spears' most recent spectacular flameout, a performance that took the "sync" out of lip-sync, so listless and ill-considered that the only debate seemed to be whether it was a train wreck or a car crash.
But there is an even more innate skill set that I believe all CEOs possess, which, if honed, can be the difference between success or flameout.
Though Summit and BioGenesis have worked together for nine years, BioGenesis invented and manufactured the patented fire suppression agent, FlameOut.
And although I've flown some pigs in my day, I'm relatively confident that in 28 minutes--the amount of time flameout boy sat behind the sour tanker waiting for a miracle to occur--even my biplane could have gone further than the 35 miles the flight lead made a big deal out of.
Of the three books, Namath is by far the most ambitious in scope and therefore ultimately the most frustrating, because author Kriegel tries to get inside the head of a spectacular flameout without having any access to his subject.
Pan Am, once the world's preeminent airline, was already beginning its descent into bankruptcy, and the crash seemed to augur not just the airline's coming demise but the final flameout of jet-age modernism.
Your summer barbecue won't be a flameout if you follow some basic safety tips.
In October, the Norwegian Air Force successfully tested a likely candidate, FlameOut.
The stunning flameout of Metricom should be warning here.
The company's flameout has been made still more public by its multimillion-dollar agreement a couple of years ago to buy the naming rights to the Baltimore football stadium, now PSINet Stadium.
Additionally the FI 2000 will alarm at flameout, alerting the operator and simultaneously the instrument will relight itself.
When this flameout occurs, it has a profound impact on the amount of buildup in the collection and control system from that point until shakeout.
Attempting to dispel speculation that the aircraft was deliberately brought down by an EgyptAir pilot, Walid Murad said that extreme turbulence, rapid decompression, engine flameout and water in the engines could all be possible explanations for the crash on 31 October.
The new simulators are expected to play a critical role in mission rehearsal and safety of flight procedures, which include responding to such events as engine flameout, that are otherwise impractical from a safety standpoint.
She acknowledged that the syndicated-talk world can be treacherous, as evidenced by the ratings flameout after just two seasons of the show hosted by her "Today'' predecessor, Katie Couric.