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guitar music composed for dancing the flamenco

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a style of dancing characteristic of the Andalusian Gypsies

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Asi ha ocurrido en las reuniones que tenian lugar en los restaurantes-tablaos una vez que estos se cerraban al publico, en las que, tras las actuaciones para la clientela, ocurria lo que algunos informantes llaman "el flamenco de verdad".
Director Damien Power said: "We truly believe there is something here for everyone, whether you are a true aficionado or someone coming to flamenco for the first time.
Treating the youngsters to a variety of musical fusions, from world music to guitar lessons to flamenco, is one of the best things that Paco has ever done.
A Spanish band took the stage to accompany the show where five Flamenco dancers, together with the prime dancer Miguel Pirna, materialized the show's idea; acting human life by likening it to the four seasons imbued with the facts of the human existence of joy, renewal, will, beauty, pain and others.
En 1971 Morente saco a la luz su tercer disco: Homenaje flamenco a Miguel Hernandez.
Paco Pena will perform its new show named "Flamenco sin Fronteras" (Flamenco without borders) which explores the relationship between Venezuelan music and Flamenco.
A new 'Best flamenco and more' package has been launched to coincide with the international Cante de Las Minas Flamenco Festival's 50th outing from August 3-14, taking place just ten minutes from the resort.
The new interpreters of Nuevo Flamenco are extremely open-minded, diverse and technologically savvy.
Un ejemplo de este ir y venir fueron los extraordinarios cantantes de los Paises Bajos que en aquellos anos actuaron en las catedrales espanolas y que impresionaron tanto a los peninsulares que la palabra flamenco empezo a usarse para designar a cualquier cantador notable, ya fuese cristiano, morisco o gitano; otra teoria apunta a que el uso de esta palabra deriva de la asociacion del color rosado de las aves con el tono de la piel de los extranjeros de Alemania, Flandes o Hungria.
Juan Martin, voted one of the best flamenco guitarists on the globe by US Guitar Player magazine, will be performing in Wales on Valentine's Day.
Afterwards there will be a performance from award-winning dance duo, Jaleo Flamenco.
FLAMENCO flair brought a European feel to a festival.
En Sus 13 is a series of nine flamenco dances from awardwinning dancer/choreographer trio Olga Pericet, Manuel Lion and Marco Flores, and their company.
Rumba flamenco devotee, Jessy Cook is set to bring a dazzling strings performance to the upcoming Dubai International Jazz Festival.
Flamenco Salsa: Drew Bennett w/ the World Flamenco Band.