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a priest who served a particular deity in ancient Rome

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The plates for the illustrations are the work of Albert Flamen, who is known to have illustrated two other emblem books.
They show that individuals commemorated family members at the time of their death in customary Roman fashion, recording the exact life-span of the deceased with suitable expressions of family feeling and loss; that citizens made dedications to such members of the Roman pantheon as Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, Mars, Mercury and Venus; and that religious cult was led by a profusion of men who bore the standard Roman titles of sacerdos and flamen.
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Again his word is hardly to be questioned, for an inscription from Oea records an offering of elephant tusks to the god, and an inscription from Sabratha identifies a man, also a Pudens, who was flamen Liberi patris.
Finally he defended his own use of structural anthropology in the reconstruction of myths, arguing that neither Marx nor Voltaire were particularly useful in the study of such characters as the Flamen Dialis, and invited the participants to debate his interpretations point by point, rather than in terms of their historiographical or philosophical position.