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Synonyms for flame

Synonyms for flame

the visible signs of combustion

to undergo combustion

Synonyms for flame

the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke

shine with a sudden light

be in flames or aflame

Related Words

criticize harshly, usually via an electronic medium

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Flamelike flowers in yellow, orange, magenta and pink burst from two cracked gray pillars against a gray skyline.
In flamelike green and red apparel, wingless, bodies white as
Imagined victims our salvation: white as the half moon at midnight Someone flamelike passed me, saying, "I am Tamar Cauldwell, I have my desire," Then the voice of the sea returned, when she had gone by, the stars to their towers (ll.
Because the flamelike shining can be easily linked to the presumably electric charge in the first line, the oozing oil has been particularly subject to misinterpretation.
The vampire's dangerous-looking, flamelike hair and peachy flesh define the bent man's head and back as they dissolve into the black of the ground, establishing a sort of paintedy concomitant to the man's submission.
That flamelike conviction in her, which had always daunted him, of being right and knowing she was right.
Yet, she went on to say, "the flamelike intensity of his movement and presence, so hobbled and yet so serenely certain, made wondrous magic .