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resistant to catching fire

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The available measurement data show that the additives enable compounders to improve their plastics insulations by one to two flame-retardant classes what is of high importance in a market where standards have become increasingly stringent over the last few years, for example, CPR legislation classes in Europe.
Generally speaking, regular flame-retardant recycled polycarbonate plastic contains around 55% added new polycarbonate plastic and approximately 15% flame retardant(2).
Although it has been possible to produce PET films with flame retardance above the VTM-2 level, these films require the use of halogenated flame-retardant additives and flame-retardant coatings, leading to higher costs and increased environmental burdens.
Unlike flame retardants that are incorporated into the polymer molecule during polymerization, flame-retardant masterbatches allow variable dosing levels and thus enhance flexibility during process.
1% of the flame-retardant remaining in its pre-application form.
Plant officials say their goal is to work with customers and reams researching flame-retardant products to develop new technologies.
Through existing licensing agreements with Rutgers, Axion is authorized to sell and sub-license the unique flame-retardant coating throughout the United States, North America and South America.
Firebrake products act as synergists in both halogenated and halogen-free flame-retardant formulations.
Fabrics that already are flame-retardant include velours for stage curtains at $10.
With the increasing enhancement of global environmental awareness, people's flame-retardant requirement for plastic products is increasingly high.
Santicizer phosphate esters combine plasticizer and flame-retardant properties to provide good compatibility, low-smoke generation, and good low-temperature flexibility and clarity.
Headquartered in Beer-Sheva, Israel, ICL Industrial Products is launching a flame-retardant system for flexible polyurethane (PUR) foam.
Used in PVC, for example, they can be used to produce various flame-retardant items such as films or coated textile tarpaulins.
Antimony oxide for flame-retardant and PET catalysts in high-tint, low-tint, and high-purity grades.
While the synergist has no inherent flame-retardant action, it enhances flame resistance by forming antimony trihalides and various antimony oxyhalides that act as radical interceptors to retard gas-phase chain reactions.