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the failure of a jet engine caused by an interruption of the fuel supply or by faulty combustion

a complete or conspicuous failure

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As in years past, events such as flame-outs will be held at Lincoln Square.
Meanwhile, the failures of the banking industry--with its star quantitative analysts or quants and their dazzling mathematical models--may have cast a shadow on the practice of risk management, but there is much to learn from their flame-outs, writes Contributing Editor Duncan Wood.
The tests at Edwards Air Force Base in California included 12 mid-flight shutdowns of the Pratt & Whitney engines, intended to simulate flame-outs during combat.
Fans even offered a seldom-heard derisive chant toward an opponent in the waning seconds, a boisterous reminder that the Lakers appear to have come a ways since consecutive first-round playoff flame-outs against the Suns.
Director Matt Walker, music director Eric Heinly and the company have scoured the archives for single-shot musical flame-outs to pillage.
The highly visible flame-outs of Enron, Andersen and WorldCom have sent shudders down the spine of board members everywhere, with CEO/CFOs forced to become more accountable for what goes on in their organisations.
After all, Marvel only recently suffered one of the more spectacular flame-outs in recent corporate history, sliding into receivership during the cash-crazy 1990S and generally being given up for dead (see "Smash
If there's a general feeling that the group is on a "mission," then individual creative flame-outs are less likely.