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Synonyms for flame-colored

having the brilliant orange-red color of flames

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We could see planes circling the fire, dropping the near flame-colored retardant.
After moving to New York from Sao Paulo in 2001, Renata Abbade ditched a career in styling to create freefrom art videos, shooting spoof workout routines and persuading the likes of Arto Lindsay to prance around in fabulous flame-colored dresses.
She carried a bouquet of flame-colored calla lilies wrapped with a silk organza ribbon.
Olive and flame-colored exteriors sit alongside peach, brick-red and pastel walls.
Why should getting flame-colored on Pentecost be anything more than a poor excuse for a sacramental?
With her flame-colored hair and breathtaking beauty, she causes men to have accidents.
After firing, the children glazed the caldrons with black glaze and glued flame-colored tissue paper around the caldrons.
Plant in flame-colored flowers seed packet of full sun in a make this such a 'Zowie
She carried a bouquet of flame-colored calla lilies tied with matching organza ribbon and a white fur muff.
In Time's Backyard, 1992, for example, white forms hover on an earthy grayish surface grazed with flame-colored yellows and sky-blues.
The For a flame-colored with blue cup-shaped blooms Darwin hybrid, try forget-me-nots, or hold well in a 'Beauty of massed in vase, making them Apeldoorn' (at containers.
Make a window box Flame-colored foliage adds just the right touch on the mantel of this outdoor fireplace.
To see it at its best, head for a garden whose flame-colored leaves blaze against a background of dark evergreens.
Photo: Tall, spreading arrangement features carnations,cosmos, marigolds, and nandina leaves in an old brass brazier; spikes of flame-colored crocosmia and iris leaves fan out from center